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I work as associate professor in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warszawa, Poland. E-mail: marcin.milkowski@gmail.com

In 2013, I published a book Explaining the Computational Mind (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.) on computational explanation in cognitive science. The book was the basis of my habilitation in Poland (something like tenure).

Afterward, I led my project Cognitive Science in Search of Unity – funded by the National Science Centre, with a team of philosophers of cognitive science, to deal with a question of unification and mechanistic integration of models.

Right now, my group is focusing on cognitive metascience and issues of confidence crisis in mind and brain sciences.

I am associate editor of European Journal for the Philosophy of Science, editor in Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics, and member of the advisory board of Avant. Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies, Kognitywistyka i Media w Edukacji and Philosphical Alternatives.

For a more complete and up-to-date academic CV, including all publication data, see my Zotero page. My reviewer profile is available at WoS.


Since the time I have created the first version of this webpage, which was in 1998, I have worked in computer linguistics, especially in lexicography (creating dictionaries using computer methods) and in computer-aided proofreading. The first major work I did was the English-Polish IT dictionary, which is was then improved for IDG. A new, improved version was published by C.H. Beck , including a Polish-English part that was created for the first time originally for Polish (and not as a translation of another dictionary). My last dictionary project was to build the biggest English-Polish and Polish-English dictionary ever. However, given that publishing industry is not interested in this project anymore, the Polish-English volume is unlikely to be finished anytime soon.

I also work on a Polish morphosyntactic lexicon in Morfologik project, and develop the proof-reading tool LanguageTool. With Daniel Naber, we received a Gold Prize in Sun Community Innovation Program for our work on LanguageTool. I’ve also created a Polish thesaurus. The icon you see below shows how I’m involved in various open-source projects (it’s clickable).

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