Thinking about Semantic Information

Type Journal Article
Author Marcin Miłkowski
Volume XI
Issue 2
Pages 1-10
Publication Avant
Date 2020
Extra Library Catalog:
DOI 10.26913/avant.2020.02.08
Accessed 2020-02-29 11:14:23
Language en-US
Abstract In his recent book, Daniel Dennett defends a novel account of semantic information in terms of design worth getting (Dennett, 2017). While this is an interesting proposal in itself, my purpose in this commentary is to challenge several of Dennett’s claims. First, he argues that semantic information can be transferred without encoding and storing it. Second, this lack of encoding is what makes semantic information unmeasurable. However, the argument for both these claims, presented by Dennett as an intuition pump, is invalid.

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