Epistemic Challenges: Engaging Philosophically in Cognitive Science

Type Journal Article
Author Przemysław R. Nowakowski
URL https://apcz.umk.pl/czasopisma/index.php/RF/article/view/RF.2019.032
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Volume 75
Issue 2
Pages 237-255
Publication Ruch Filozoficzny
ISSN 2545-3173
Date 2019/06/22
DOI 10.12775/RF.2019.032
Accessed 2019-06-23 11:07:39
Library Catalog apcz.umk.pl
Language en
Abstract In this article, I show the role that the philosopher of cognitive science can currently play in cognitive science research. I argue for the important, and not yet considered, role of the philosophy of cognitive science in cognitive science, that
is, the importance of cooperation between philosophers of science with cognitive scientists in investigating the research methods and theoretical assumptions of cognitive science. At the beginning of the paper I point out, how the
philosopher of science, here, the philosopher of cognitive science, can participate
in interdisciplinary research. I am opting of the cooperation in investigating the
so-called reflective problems. Then, I discuss four examples of issues important
for the cognitive science, in which the competences possessed by the philosopher
are useful. At the ending I point out wider landscape of possible cooperation
of philosophers with cognitive scientists.
Short Title Wyzwania epistemiczne

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