Mechanistic Computational Individuation without Biting the Bullet

Type Journal Article
Author Nir Fresco
Author Marcin Miłkowski
Publication The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Journal Abbr Br J Philos Sci
DOI 10.1093/bjps/axz005
Accessed 2019-02-07 10:44:19
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Language en
Abstract Abstract. Is the mathematical function being computed by a given physical system determined by the system’s dynamics? This question is at the heart of the inde

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3 Replies to “Mechanistic Computational Individuation without Biting the Bullet”

  1. Dear Sir:
    I have recently completed a draft of „Physical Realizability of Abstract Computation” and was perusing BJPS for possible submission. I was gratified to find your paper on a related topic and the fascinating angle described in the abstract.

    As I would like to read and perhaps reference your article before submitting mine, is there perhaps a link to the current draft available online? I will certainly respect any copyright issues pursuant to its upcoming publication.

    By coincidence, my father Richard W. Schayer used to do collaborative research at the Polish Academy of Sciences with Czesław Maśliński in biochemistry.

    Eric Lindell
    23 Lexington Avenue
    New York NY 10010

    PS – here’s the abstract .. „Since the first implementation of an abstract computation on a physical device, it has been an open question as to how such an apparent mismatch of domains, can yield such a fortuitous result — namely, accurate calculations. Most inquiries into this conundrum have focused on identifying which class of computations can be implemented on which class of physical devices. This paper attempts to delve into the deeper structure of these two domains to find commonalities that might account for correspondences between them.”

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