I will be putting the presentations from my lecture (based on the book project) here.

Lecture 1: Computational Explanation and Computer Metaphor

Lecture 2: Computation in cognitive science: classical case studies

Lecture 3: Modern case studies and a funeral

Lecture 4: Computational processes: the black-box account

Lecture 5: Computational processes: mechanistic account of causal organization

Lecture 6: Computational processes: mechanistic account of system boundaries

Lecture 7: Computational processes: Does my wall compute?

Lecture 8: Computational explanation a la Hempel

Lecture 9: Functional account of computational explanation

Lecture 10: Magical number three, plus minus one

Lecture 11: Mechanistic account of computational explanation

Lecture 12: Theoretical unification. Classical accounts of representation

Lecture 13. Towards a theory of representational mechanisms

Lecture 14. Limits of computational explanation

Explaining the Computational Mind

I’m writing a book on computational explanation in cognitive science under the tentative title Explaining the Computational Mind. The book is on contract with MIT Press.

A good summary of what is going to be the main argument of the book is contained in the syllabus of my lecture at Warsaw University (English programme in the Institute of Philosophy).

If you are interested in reading the drafts of the chapters, simply ask me for the id and password for the below files and presentations. Here is my contact form.

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