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@CBOS_Info Dlaczego badano metodą CAPI, skoro komisja pod przew. prof. H. Domańskiego już w 2010 pokazała, że jest…
RT @Michal_Bilewicz: PiS uruchomił dynamikę pogromu. Kto stanie po stronie ofiar, sam stanie się ofiarą. W ich świecie nie ma miejsca na od…
Letnia Szkoła Kognitywistyki, Kazimierz Dolny, deadline 30 czerwca
Two #postdoc positions within my project Cognitive Science in Search of Unity: Deadline: June 30
24th edition of the International Summer School in Cognitive Science, New Bulgarian University, deadline June 20

The Polish Language in the Digital Age

Information technology changes our everyday lives. We typically use computers for writing, editing, calculating, and information searching, and increasingly for reading, listening to music, viewing photos and watching movies. We carry small computers in our pockets and use them to make phone calls, write emails, get information and entertain ourselves, wherever we are. How does this massive digitisation of information, knowledge and everyday communication affect our language? Will our language change or even disappear? These are the kinds of questions that I answer in the META-NET publication: The Polish Language in The Digital Age. Freely downloadable!