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RT @VincentCMueller: ‘Know thyself’ is not just silly advice: it’s actively dangerous – via @aeonmag
Check out "Daniel C. Dennett: Memes as the Key to Human Intelligence" Oct 19, 6pm, Warsaw, PL @Eventbrite
RT @ekulczycki: Prof. @MilekPl o tym, jak wydać książkę u dobrego wydawcy. #nauka
Helen Beebee: break stereotypes that innate talent determines success in philosophy and implement collab rules in s…
Philip Kitcher's keynote: the best philosophy has always been synthetic, not analytic. #EPSA17


Microsoft Office contains a decent OCR engine, yet it does not create PDF files with a text layer on it. This project contains a script that takes a tif file and converts it into HOCR format (HTML + OCR). This can be then processed with a simple Java program to get a PDF file. Grab it here.