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My paper on strategies of theoretical #unification in #cogsci is out in SLGR: (#openaccess)
RT @PsyPost: Social exclusion leads to conspiratorial thinking, study finds
RT @JeremyHowick: Why do so many good ideas come from the #dutch? #Free rent for #students, good company for #nursing home residents https:…
RT @NeuroscienceNew: Memory Brain Hack: Super Sized Memory is Trainable and Long Lasting #memory #neuroscience #sci
Today, I'm giving a talk on computational models of visual hallucination in PPN Seminar (Glasgow) at 4 pm


Microsoft Office contains a decent OCR engine, yet it does not create PDF files with a text layer on it. This project contains a script that takes a tif file and converts it into HOCR format (HTML + OCR). This can be then processed with a simple Java program to get a PDF file. Grab it here.