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RT @StathisPsillos: On 22 April 1724 Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, was born. Happy birthday Immanuel.
My mildly critical review of G. Makari's 'Soul Machine: The Invention of the Modern Mind' book is just out
@PsychScientists I love puns in titles and some reviewers complain about it ;)
My paper for Entropy on embodiment and situatedness of computation is out: #openaccess #embodiment #ai
RT @danieldennett: Hungarian National Assembly: Save the Central European University - Sign the Petition! via @Chan


Microsoft Office contains a decent OCR engine, yet it does not create PDF files with a text layer on it. This project contains a script that takes a tif file and converts it into HOCR format (HTML + OCR). This can be then processed with a simple Java program to get a PDF file. Grab it here.